GQFW rise of the rune lords

RotRL story so far

Our heroes started off the adventure by stopping a raid on the city of Sandpoint, and prevented a third. They destroyed a whole community of goblins. Except the babies who were taken back to the church of Desna to be raised properly.
Next they helped solve a number of murders leading them into a haunted mansion and then into the city of Magnimar. From there they put to an end a cult of murderous men whose organization had been taken over by a Lamia. They also found a note form the Lamia’s sister saying she was in Turtleback Ferry harvesting greedy souls for their master.
As the heroes were preparing to head up to Turtleback ferry the Mayor of Magnaimar asked them to look in on Fort Rannik since they were going out that way and Fort Rannik had gone quiet. The heroes agreed and had all the traveling expenses paid for. When they made it to Turtleback Ferry everyone knew the lamia’s name, but thinks she died in a terrible accident when her gambling barge had sunk. The heroes move on to Fort Rannik, and on their way they came across a family of ogrekin. They managed to rescue to rescue two black arrows, and burned a third alive in the barn. (Hey what else do you do with a traitor who helps Ogres take over your fort?) With the help of the two remaining black arrows they retook the fort. During the take back they encountered and killed the lamia who faked her death. The heroes returned to Turtleback Ferry. Upon returning they found that it was in a state of disaster. After aiding the citizens and fending off a monstrous aberration they headed up to the troll infested damn. There found a hole in the damn caused by ogres. They managed to defeat all the trolls and ogres, and learned how to open the flood gates preventing another flood.
The next day they were approached by a pixie who was worried about his mistress in the nearby marsh. The heroes go into the marsh and talked to the now dead nymph. She wants to raise her dead lover (the leader of Fort Rannik), but something is preventing her from doing so. The heroes climb up Hook mountain and kill everything in sight. They learn that there is a stone giant who is gathering a huge army and will raid Varisia, but first there will be a small raid on Sand point. The heroes then hurry back to Sandpoint and prepare it for the invasion. Once they stop the raid they got information out of the stone giant they charmed. The next step would be going to Jorgenfist and kill the stone giant Mokmurian.



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